Douglas A. Gómez-Latorre, Gustavo A. Araujo-Carrillo, Fabio Ernesto Martínez M., Andrea Onelia Rodríguez Roa, Jhon Mauricio Estupiñan C., Leidy Yibeth Deantonio F.

Excess rainfall and meteorological frosts are adverse phenomena in agriculture, which cause irreparable damage to the physiology of plants, reducing the biomass productivity of plants. In order to establish those areas of greatest threat to such phenomena, the analysis was carried out for a period of 30 years, using 37 daily climatic series of precipitation and 23 of minimum temperature, located along the Cundiboyacense high plateau, in the central Andean region of Colombia.

Pag. 112-126, 17-Sep, 17000 kB