Dirk Thielen, Paolo Ramoni-Perazzi, Marco Marquez, Jose Quintero, Irma Alejandra Soto-Werschitz, Wilmer Rojas, Kai Thielen, Mary L. Puche.

An urgent need exists for improved water availability forecasting and monitoring for human activities in response to accelerating climate change. More recently, such planning is under great deal of pressure due to Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and an increasing demand of a reliable provision of clean water for sanitation. The present study analyses spatial and temporal precipitation dynamics as response to very distinctive extreme hydroclimatological events historically affecting the Daule-Peripa Reservoir located in Coast of Ecuador, one of the most climatic vulnerable regions from the Pacific coast of South America, and analyzing the results in terms of foreseeable SST trends.

Pag. 127-145, 20-Sep, 864 kB