Ana Nieves Maríñez, Víctor Rojas Lujan, José Sosa Sánchez, Abimel López García4, Víctor Manuel Reyes, Carlos Deza Navarrete, Frank Díaz Valiente, Yoni Valiente Saldaña, José Paredes Carranza, Luis Ramirez Calderón.

The objective of this study was based on the analysis of meteorological drought in a tropical savannah region of Venezuela, by comparing four different drought indices. The information used for the study was obtained from the record of meteorological data, from monthly precipitation series of the agrometeorological station “Ciudad Bolivia”, located within the experimental field of the INIA in the state of Barinas; for the period 1971-2016.

Pag. 167-178, 12-Dic, 246 kB