Jorge Luis Albarrán-Gil, Zadith Garrido-Campaña, Walter Jorge Mendizabal-Anticona, Jackeline Bustamante-Fernández, Yonathan Mario Gonzales-Ttito, Pedro Arturo Barboza-Zelada, José Manuel Delgado-Bardales, Carlos Fabián-Falcón, Erick Delgado-Bazan, Juan Pedro Soplapuco-Montalvo, Kelly Altez-Medina, Joel Bravo-Ríos, Paul Virú-Diaz, Jorge Morales-Ramos, Horus Virú-Flores.

This study referred to Public Policies to address droughts in Peru, alluding to the National Strategy to Combat Desertification and Drought in Peru (ENLCDS) as an important management instrument that promotes the participation and mobilization of public and private actors, to execute actions aimed at promoting sustainable land management (SLM), this article being of value because it brings dimension the call to the Peruvian institutions responsible for this problem to be able to prioritize it because Peru is one of the countries with the largest extension of drylands in South America, where drought can cause greater consequences; describing the meteorological droughts in the province of Candarave, Department of Tacna; Peru.

Pag. 96-107, 29-Jun, 310 kB