Ana Maria Gutierrez Delgado.

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.230-236

The development of the study aimed to determine the psychological effects of COVID- 19 on health personnel, for this the research applied a quantifiable, descriptive method at the descriptive level applying a non-experimental design, working with a sample of 205 health personnel from a level III hospital in Lima. The results found that in the majority of the sample with 53.7% the psychological effects due to COVID-19 were regular, that is, they considerably affected the mental well-being of health personnel, which could also be observed in the aspect of situation control and acceptance with 49.8%, autonomy with 54.6%, links in 58.5% and projects with 53.7%, concluding that the psychological effects of COVID-19 on health personnel were regular, mainly affecting their autonomy and control of their activities, but also improved the levels of bonding due to the closeness between family and friends in the development of the pandemic, even so the effects endure in the affected personnel their essential activities such as work and social development.

Pag. 230-236, 29-Apr, 224 kB