Alejandro Párraga Panéz

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.356-363

The purpose of this article is to determine the relationship between environmental management and the quality of life of the inhabitants in the AA. H H. Micaela Bastidas II, Ate – 2022. It is a basic type of research – non-experimental and of a correlational level; the descriptive, inductive method was used. With the application of a questionnaire, the data for environmental management and quality of life in a population of 1110 residents of the AA.HH were collected. Micaela Bastidas II and a sample of 100 residents; obtaining as a result that Spearman’s correlation coefficient is 0.310, this means that the relationship is direct and its degree is low. With this, reaching the conclusion that there is a direct correlation between the environmental management variable and the quality of life variable, that is, the greater the development of environmental management policies, the greater the quality of life conditions of the residents of AA. H H. Micaela Bastidas II; thus accepting the general hypothesis (Ha) and rejecting the null hypothesis (Ho).

Pág 356-363, 18 May