Gina Ursula Liñan Ramirez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.364-369

The objective of this study is to systematically evaluate and determine the relationship between service quality and user satisfaction through a literature review. The method of this study is descriptive, and the objective of this work is to systematically investigate the characteristics of 15 academic works published in the portals: Dialnet, Redalyc and Scielo and thus determine the source, year, methodology and journals in which they were published between 2018-2021, while addressing service quality and user satisfaction. Most of the authors of the articles investigated used a descriptive approach. In the same way, from a systematic review, it seeks to analyze and measure the different models used to identify the factors that affect user satisfaction and standardize the knowledge acquired and apply it to research. This theoretical evaluation allows us to conclude that different service quality strategies are adequately used by most companies, which will allow us to design strategies that contribute to user satisfaction.

Pág 364-369, 19 May