Teófilo del Pino Chávez Domínguez, Claudia P. Escudero-Gaytan$, Bruce J. Cordova-Rodriguez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.375-381

The objective of this review article is to determine the situation of the training of surgical personnel in Peru and Latin America. The training of doctors is a complicated process that reach for an improvement of the hospital staff capabilities. There exist many forms and strategies of surgeons training, with the short term congress, conferences and workshops types being the most frequent. Training is one of the most important strategies of an institution which provides health services at all levels of care. The situation of the training of surgeons is a reality about which little is known in Latin America and Peru. For this review study, the proposed research method was; a literature search in this regard using the MeSH terminology in various bibliographic information managers in both Spanish and English. Very little literature was found in this regard, which showed that in most Latin American countries the training of surgeons is scarce and poorly financed. In adittion that, in Peru, most training programs are oriented to areas of public health and are intramural. Only one file from a hospital in Lima contemplated training for extramural surgical specialties.

Pág 375-381, 23 May