Andres Mego Silva

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.415-423

The main objective of this research was to analytically review scientific articles related to the violation of the right to reasonable time in preliminary proceedings for violation of the principle of legality by jurisprudential seat in Peru. In this regard, it is evident that criminal proceedings have excessive durations in the preliminary proceedings stage that can last three years, which affects various aspects of the lives of those investigated. In this line, it was sought to make contributions of a legal nature in relation to the subject. For this, an inductive method with a qualitative approach was used, using a basic design of a systematic review of national and international literature. Regarding the results, thesis publications, jurisprudence and scientific articles indexed in databases such as Scopus, Wos and Scielo were analyzed. The investigation concluded that the reasonable term is an undefined fundamental right and that it is violated in the preliminary proceedings for violation of procedural legality in Peru and suggests the need to establish that the reasonable term in said stage responds to certain criteria and is of 60 days as established by the Code of Criminal Procedure and the binding jurisprudence that establishes different terms is left without effect.

Pág 415-423, 02 Jun