Anita Del Carmen Díaz Gil

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.506-511

This work aims to show that from a questioning made to article 88 of the Code of Children and Adolescents; since such normative provision contains a precept that is absolutely contrary to the right of relationship. The aforementioned rule indicates that the father who is not up to date in the payment of alimony will not be able to obtain a visitation regime; or, failing that, this parent must prove the impossibility of complying with said maintenance obligation. In our study, it analyzes and is intended to show that the consequence of not granting a visitation regime to the “delinquent” or “non-compliant” father is basically a sanction. The same that would be absolutely detrimental to the optimal psychological development of the child.

Pág 506-511, 02 Jun