Pedro Gil Gómez Serván

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.512-517

All people have a very important faculty that makes it possible for them to know and understand everything that surrounds them, it is the ability to read comprehension. The use and understanding of texts for different purposes is a common activity that human beings develop. It is common to read to be informed, to acquire new knowledge, to investigate a topic of interest, etc .; To have greater clarity about the understanding of texts at any of their levels (literal, inferential, critical), it is highly necessary to apply adequate feedback. The indexed articles were searched through different search engines such as: Academic Google, Scopus, Pubmed; 42 scientific articles were finally selected from the year 2017. The main conclusion is that adequate feedback is key to reading comprehension at any of its levels.

Pág 512-517, 07 Jun