Juan Jymy Ataucusi Siesquen

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.558-567

The objective of this systematic review article is to specify whether the extrajudicial recovery of state properties that the State has put into practice is suitable to safeguard its own interests against illegal invasions. Therefore, the illegal invaders are reproached for being, knowing their wrongdoing, traffickers of land who take advantage of the dream of owning a home for numerous low-income families, in addition to the help of the Peruvian National Police, the same that, in the exercise of extrajudicial possessory defense, it does not retain possession and delays time, ignoring the principle of immediacy and the call for support from the Public Attorneys’ Offices to repel and punish invaders of State domains. Consequently, the article was developed under the post of the qualitative approach of the non-experimental design and the systematic method. Likewise, the population was the inhabitants of the District of Carabayllo and the sample was those police officers and public prosecutors in charge of the protection of the state heritage, who through the verification of their functions through the cases of invasions that they attended, it was possible to arrive at the results and consequently at the conclusions of this study.

Pág 558-567, 07 Jun