José Carlos Mou Mora, William Mariano Temoche Espinoza.

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.568-580

Forced labor is a form of labor exploitation that is still present in various countries, including Peru. An analysis of forced labor as a crime in comparative law has been carried out, actions have been proposed that could be implemented in the Public Ministry to prevent this crime. From the initiative of the Public Ministry and the ILO, a high average of people have been identified who are in a situation of what would be considered in modern terms “modern slavery” (Protocol of the Public Ministry for the action of prosecutors in prevention, investigation, and punishment of forced labor cases, 2021), regarding various clandestine commercial activities, thus we have that in 2019 the III National Plan to Combat Forced Labor (2019-2022) was approved, a document that establishes the strategies and objectives to combat forced labor at the State level. The methodology is a doctrinal systematic review with the purpose of a qualitative approach of propositive of a protocol typifying and outlining the Prevention of the Crime of Forced Labor.

Pág 568-580, 07 Jun