Edwin Vargas Chichipe, Celia Milagros Valera Pereyra

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.651-659

The current situation of the universities demands greater changes, and one of the most imperative is to move the intercultural discourse towards practice, since it is difficult to adhere to the new practices looking for a quality education, where experiences in LAC universities have begun. the search for the claim of rights to promote higher education. For this reason, it is framed in a qualitative approach and has the purpose of making a descriptive critical analysis of the key aspects of the UI from the review of LAC journals from 2016 to 2022. In addition, a review of the descriptive bibliography, where 50 articles from LAC countries were used and the main topics on UI were considered such as: Interculturality, perception of interculturality, public policies and the factors that influence UI, regulations on UI, intercultural competences and the improvement proposal. Where the UI is focused, highlighting the need to offer the best opportunities and achieve greater visibility, to build new collaboration ties and concrete commitments with various universities and HEIs. Likewise, it proposes that the quality and relevance be taken with respect for the accessibility of Afro-descendants and indigenous people to higher education. Indeed, the UI constitutes a theoretical, practical and methodological approach that allows us to study and glimpse the ways of relating between subjects who belong to heterogeneous cultures and societies. Contributing in this way to generate significant changes in society.

Pág 651-659, 10 Jun