María Esther Panta Ymàn

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.616-621

The objective of the research is to assess in a State program, the labor insertion of victims of family violence, Ventanilla Callao district – 2022. To fulfill this purpose, our research developed the quantitative approach, making use of the instrument of the technique to collect information, for this, it was carried out using the questionnaire instrument. The research study is made up of a sample of 381 professionals specializing in psychology, from public institutions that provide assistance to victims of family violence involved in legal proceedings. Among the results obtained, it is observed that there are significant differences, as a consequence of the hypothesis test, explained that the socio-labour characteristics for labor insertion help victims of family violence, in a State program, district of Ventanilla Callao – 2022.

Pág 616-621, 10 Jun