Lesly Patricia Bravo Meneses, Lidia Verónica Gamboa Abón

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.687-693

This review article had a literature research approach without meta-analysis, with the objective of reviewing the state of knowledge about police military justice in the control of role-playing criminal acts in military personnel; the population were articles on the subject in the world, the sample were the articles from Peru and its bordering countries, in order to give a better perspective. The results allow us to conclude that military justice is a system of laws and procedures that governs the conduct of the members of the Armed Forces, it is different from civil law and its purpose is to preserve good order and discipline within the Armed Forces, seeking its efficiency and effectiveness in the protection of the nation. Function crimes are typified in the military legal body, which are endorsable only and to military personnel in the context of functions, only crimes against security and national defense. The controversy of the Military Jurisdiction, and of a single justice, is an ideological current of civil society, which lives in an environment of peace, without greater sacrifice than its will; military activity is the commitment to fight, give life, go beyond duty, this requires values of discipline, sacrifice and honor among others that are optional in ordinary justice, privilege of civilian status, which for a police officer or military are not an option. In this sense, this review considers the suitability of the military police jurisdiction in the control of crimes of function.

Pág 687-693, 17 Jun