Henry Fernando Miraya Gutiérrez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.824-831

The objective of this systematic review study is to determine through the scientific literature, analyze the literature review of gender violence to propose the normative modification of the criminalization of patrimonial and economic violence. The hermeneutic method is of a basic type and was raised under critical analysis, for which scientific data was collected in relation to gender violence regarding the type of economic and patrimonial violence, systematic review design, in terms of the results, publications of Selected documents from scientific articles, Latin American sources of high-impact indexing scientific databases, which due to the characteristic of systematics are qualified by proposing the criminalization of economic and patrimonial violence, that is, establishing the criminal type, as well as the good legally protected, in order to reduce said violence exerted by gender stereotypes, and consequently to be able to apply the punitive power of the State.

Pág 824-831, 22 Jun