Omar Muñoz Valverde

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.817-823

In this scientific article project, efforts are made to understand if indeed the sustainable development of the VRAEM in Peru is a success or failure; Likewise, it includes the elaboration process and all its implications of the Illicit Drug Traffic (TID) that have negative repercussions; as well as the contribution of the different sectors of the Peruvian State in the fight against this scourge and other public problems that require an objective and real analysis, in order to propose substantial improvements in terms of Multisectoral Policies and their implementation, for For this, and for a better understanding of the reader, information will be provided on what governments have done to date, in search of sustainable development in the region under study. Finally allow me to give some conclusions about it.

Pág 817-823, 22 Jun