Rosario Martin Trujillo Iraita

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.841-846

This article collects relevant information on entrepreneurial culture and its impact on the rural economy considered as an important way for social development; the culture of entrepreneurship will allow us to achieve a positive impact on the economies of rural people, born as an idea of work and organization to become an opportunity for economic benefit. In the review article, the proposed stages are specified in a descriptive and explanatory manner, defining objectives, searching for and processing the information gathered, and then writing the article, taking as a fundamental criterion an evaluative review to learn about the progress of quality. The review of the different articles investigated was made with the purpose of enriching and founding the theoretical and conceptual bases of the variables of study of the research work and that favor in a concise way the development of the present review article, having as an abstract structure the definitions, functionality and projections in front of each variable.

Pág 841-846, 24 Jun