Pedro Elias Vilela Adrianzen, Andrea Daysi Huiza Chauca

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.957-966

This study examines the repeatability of Cámara Gesell and revictimization in cases involving young children, in the Peruvian legal context. A basic type analysis was carried out, systematic review design, meta-qualitative approach, inductive method, descriptive research level; Likewise, the case study and the analysis of documentary sources were used as a method; Thus, 84 scientific articles were reviewed, in order to identify criteria that allow overcoming the indeterminacy in the infants’ narrative. Four key criteria were identified, i) failure to respect the rights of the accused, ii) deficiencies in the original interview, iii) obscure parts in the testimony, and iv) the need for a new pronouncement based on subsequent evidence.

Pág 957-966, 07 Jul