Jucelino Núñez Alarcón

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.916-927

The present work seeks to reflect on whether it is necessary to constitutionalize equal marriage in Peru, for which the ruling issued by the Constitutional Court that declared the recognition and registration of the marriage between Susel Paredes and Gracia Aljovín in the National Identification Registry inadmissible was reviewed. and Civil Status (RENIEC), concluding that it is necessary to redefine the concept of marriage from the Peruvian regulations, the present study is a systematic review that denotes as: General Objective to determine through systematic scientific literature the configuration of the Jurisdictional Recognition of Equal Marriage within of the Constitutional and Supranational Scope. Basic type hermeneutic method and was raised under critical analysis, scientific data was collected in relation to the nuptial unions of homosexual subjects. Systematic review design. Results, publications of selected documents from scientific articles, Latin American and European sources were analyzed according to high-impact indexing scientific databases, concluding that the concept of marriage needs to be redefined from the Peruvian regulations.

Pág 916-927, 06 Jul