Arely Arody Guillen Ponce, José Elías Sandoval Ríos

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.988-997

This research seeks to determine and explain how entrepreneurship management is manifested in the context of the formalization of Peruvian artisanal miners, considering that entrepreneurship must be sustainable with social, economic and environmental impacts. The study has required the application of quantitative methodology through scientific observation, documentary analysis, being the research design correlational explanatory and transversal, in which a sample population of 324 artisanal miners was involved, who had active participation with the purpose of generating employment and their interest in entrepreneurship. The study reveals that only 2.5% of a total of 60529 miners are formalized in the 25 geographic regions of Peru (2020). The results indicate that there is a clear need with 52% to perform entrepreneurship management and 55% to achieve formalization of artisanal miners. In addition, it has been determined that there is a positive relationship (R2 = 0.590) between management and formalization, which indicates that as the trend of entrepreneurial management increases, the desire for formalization also tends to increase, for a statistically significant “p” value of 0.000. The study is of transcendence, given that it is estimated that more than half a million people at the national level depend directly and indirectly on small-scale and artisanal mining.

Pág 988-997, 08 Jul