Sirly Ysabel Vergara Anastacio

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1015-1023

The present investigation had as a general objective: to determine the incidence of family violence in resilience and coping in adolescents of an Educational Institution in the district of Pueblo Nuevo. Chepen. Quantitative under a correlational design of a non-experimental transectional approach, the sample was made up of 397 students, to whom the following: Family Violence Questionnaire (VIFA), the Resilience Scale and the Brief Coping Inventory (COPE -28) were applied. Obtaining as main results that there is an inverse incidence of physical violence towards resilience (Zβ=-.184, p=.000) and coping (Zβ=-.178, p=.000). There is also evidence of the presence of an indirect incidence between psychological violence with resilience (Zβ=-.166, p=.001), the presence of an indirect incidence between the variable Family violence with resilience (Zβ=-.208, p= .000) and finally that there is no relationship between family violence and coping with (p>=.005).

Pág 1015-1023, 14 Jul