Rosa Victoria Albuquerque Cerna, Gina Katherine Céspedes Cáceres, Carolina León Ojeda

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1049-1055

Public spaces are threatened by the excess of visitors and emigrants that could alter the ecosystem and the effect of environmental pollution on the habitat, migratory birds and other animals that reside, a responsible and sustainable change is sought. The objective is to determine the impact produced by the recovery of the rafts and their degree of valuation of the district of Huanchaco; framing a scientific method with: analysis, observation, comparison and description of the variable, with a descriptive correlational design. The methodology is quantitative; adjusting in the characteristic survey with the socio-economic activities of the coastal edge; wetlands occupied by urban areas. It is important to guide the population in the conservation of the natural resources of the Peruvian coast.

Pág 1049-1055, 14 Jul