Rudy Alvaro Arpasi Pancca, Betza Damasco Sagua, Cesar Augusto Lluen Vallejos, Oliver Amadeo Vilca Huayta

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1165-1170

Work satisfaction and the organizational climate are determining factors of the working conditions. The objective of this study was to determine the pressure and work satisfaction in professors of a National University in southern Peru in times of COVID-19. The research was quantitative, descriptive – correlational, cross-sectional in Universidad Nacional de Juliaca in southern Peru. The sample was 60 randomly selected professors. A questionnaire structured in two parts was used: work pressure and work satisfaction. Pearson’s correlation coefficient and factorial analysis were applied to identify the dimensions associated with pressure and work satisfaction. The results showed that in times of COVID-19, in general (76.7%), professors perceive that they are subjected to work pressure, and showed work dissatisfaction (51.7%). A negative and significant relationship (p≤0.01) was observed between the dimensions of pressure and work satisfaction. Professors at the Universidad Nacional de Juliaca showed a level of work dissatisfaction expressed through recognition and benefits, and in turn correlated with work pressure through social pressures derived from educational work and daily life in the classroom.

Pág 1165-1170, 21 Jul