Claudia Julissa Guerrero Campos

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1306-1313

This research corresponds to a scientific narrative review, which aimed to develop a narrative review regarding the development of mathematical competencies. For this information search, different scientific articles, scientific journals, virtual books and national and international publications and reports were taken into account, likewise, the primary sources that have shaped this construct were taken into account. A search was carried out in repositories and academic search engines worldwide, making use of sources with 5 years old in the Spanish language, thus exceptions were also made in the primary base of the variable, thus leaving 51 articles. On the other hand, sources from different authors such as Meyer and Allen, Mathieu and Zajac, O’Reilly and Chatman, among others, are included, where it was revealed that the development of mathematical competencies is a variable that is not described by a single theory, but has many other approaches, which in conclusion, it is had that the variable under study is an attitude by which students are manifesting throughout their development process in their educational institution. However, mathematical competencies is not a highly studied or developed variable. For future research, it is suggested to carry out more studies on this variable, emphasizing the situation that we find ourselves in due to the pandemic, because different ways of addressing organizational commitment will be found.

Pág 1306-1313, 28 Jul