Yojani Maldonado Culquimboz

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1389-1395

At present, gender violence has a significant impact on people’s professional and personal lives. This can cause certain levels of anxiety or stress, which negatively affect the emotional well-being of the victims, resulting in difficulty in work performance. The objective is to determine the incidence of an awareness model in gender violence and emotional well-being in workers of a public entity in the year 2023, using a quantitative approach methodology, with a non-experimental design, applying the instrument of data collection being the questionnaire on sensitization model, for descriptive and inferential analysis. The results showed that the sensitization model affects gender violence and emotional well-being in the collaborators of a public entity, where 59% mentioned that the sensitization model is of great support to influence gender violence, in the The gender violence index is low, showing 99.5% and after the awareness model, it was possible to obtain 88% for emotional well-being.

Pág 1389-1395, 31 Jul