Reyser Silva Rengifo

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1495-1501

The present study arises from the results of the Modernization of Penitentiary Management for the Process of Social Reintegration of Inmates, Lima 2020-2022, which had the objective of contributing to readaptation and rehabilitation of inmates who are in the prisons investigated, which They have become crime schools and operations centers for criminal world in which they are directed at a distance, in which much of the crimes are perpetrated in the Peruvian streets. The organizations that have been formed in the prisons act strategically in alliance with prison authorities, promoting institutional corruption. Given this, two questions immediately arise: a) are prisons really social rehabilitation centers and b) is it efficient for the state to invest resources and efforts in its construction, administration and maintenance.

Pág 1495-1501, 11 Aug