Tito Armando Ventura Almanza, Rossana Teresa Veramendi Vernazza

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1461-1469

Student desertion in Latin America is increasingly higher due to various factors, like other countries, in Peru University Law No. 30220 (2014) was enacted on July 9, repealing University Law No. 23733, aiming to improve the quality of higher university education, as Rangel (2010) mentioned, that the State must assume its leading role in the development of quality education. The new law creates the Sunedu and it establishes 08 basic quality conditions for the purposes of licensing universities, SUNEDU (2021). The research proposed to determine the incidence of university law 30220 and the basic requirements for licensing in student desertion from a private university, with a quantitative, basic, non-experimental-transversal, correlational-causal, hypothetical-deductive approach, based on to the positivist paradigm. To obtain the descriptive results, three questionnaires were applied on the Likert scale to 64 students from a population of 400. The contrasting of the general hypothesis was carried out with the formula: ordinal logistic regression, resulting: That the Nagelkerke statistic reveals 58.2% of Dropout variability as an effect of the independent variables. Concluding that: University law 30220 and the basic requirements for licensing have a significant impact on the dropout of students from a private university.

Pág 1461-1469, 11 Aug