Shirley Isabel Mogollón Rosales, Daniel Alfredo Cribilleros Rios, Rolando Ronald Cruzado Vidal, Merly Fiorella Cuadra Alvarado

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1556-1565

The objective of this article is to carry out a systematic analysis of scientific literature related to impact of quality of public spending in the health sector in different scenarios in period of time from 2020-2023. For this, search was carried out considering word QUALITY OF PUBLIC EXPENDITURE, through use of the Myloft platform, where a total of 170 documents could be collected. Consult the bibliographic sources in the Scopus, Scielo, ProQuest, Web of Science data bases. Dialnet. Articles published in various languages from years 2020 to 2023 were selected. Contents were analyzed, in order to be able to outline the fundamental points such as: The role of government in relation to quality of public spending and the relationship between spending public and health sector. Results of systematic review carried out allow us to conclude that there is a significant impact related to quality of public spending in health sector; which shows as long as forecast of public spending in health sector increases, it will have a positive impact on real situation of health services, which will make it possible to meet objectives of sustainable development.

Pág 1556-1565, 20 Aug