Daniel Alfredo Cribilleros Rios, Rolando Ronald Cruzado Vidal, Merly Fiorella Cuadra Alvarado, Shirley Isabe Mogollón Rosales

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1614-1621

This review article is based on a synthesis of circular economy concepts and how it has been used in different areas at the international and national levels, aiming to clarify the concept and mainly explaining its relationship with business, technology and policies. The objective of this is to review the existing literature on the Circular Economy as a Public Policy for entrepreneurship 2020 – 2022. The sources used are indexed databases, where we find circular business models that include eliminating waste, maximizing the useful life of durable goods, recover materials and energy from processes and products, transform goods into services through their shared use, and replace their ownership with rent or payment for use. The circular economy as a policy has been used to generate a culture of sustainability and the environment, including legislative and eco-sustainable measures. The central conclusion of this article is that by using the circular economy as a source for entrepreneurship, many benefits are obtained, since there will be economic opportunities and an ecological awareness where the environment will not suffer more pollution.

Pág 1614-1621, 20 Aug