Rebeca Huallpa Zuniga

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1663-1671

The present work arises from the lack of pedagogical use of the tablets provided by the Ministry of Education of Peru to educational institutions focused on rural areas of Peru, by teachers. The purpose of this study was to analyze different scientific and review articles regarding the pedagogical use of tablets in Regular Basic Education (EBR) primary level in rural areas and teaching digital competence. The information was selected for its direct and indirect relationship with the topic, for its temporality, space and age group of regular basic education students (EBR); between national and international publications. The type of research was qualitative, with a documented scope. In addition to having consulted 55 investigations. As a result, they arrived at the fact that the limited domains of teachers’ digital skills mean that the tablets provided by the Minedu are not used pedagogically, this being a social problem. It is concluded that the inappropriate use of mobile phones causes a distraction in academic development, especially in students from rural areas. Therefore, teachers must strengthen digital skills and information technology, which allow them to carry out pedagogical work in adequate and quality teaching and training.

Pág 1663-1671, 29 Aug