Jorge I. Cruzalegui Guadianos, Segundo V. León Ramírez, Luis A. García Altamirano, Yahandra T. Guerra Zambrano

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1746-1750

This exploratory research addresses review of a tool can be used to Manage Investment Projects under a new scheme, from an exploration review of state of the art. For this, a series of articles and scientific documents on the subject were reviewed, most outstanding reference being experience of sporting event held in Peru in 2019 called the Pan American Games in its XVIII version and the Parapan American Games in its sixth edition. Execution of the project for realization of these sports games used a tool to streamline investments, managing and executing them efficiently, which is why a new Public Investment Execution Model has currently been proposed based on said experience, which has been replicated in Special Public Investment Projects. This proposal includes best experiences in investment management under international quality standards and it is projected that this will contribute to improving closing of economic and social gaps in Peru. These tools included in Public Investment Execution Model will serve to evaluate possible tools managers in field of Public Investments use to improve execution phase of public projects in Peru.

Pág 1746-1750, 10 Sep