Alain Kramer Rodríguez Estrella, Gerardo Francisco Ludeña González, Nilton Isaías Cueva Quezada

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1802-1809

The objective of the study was to determine how Law 30364 affects the crime of injury due to family violence. The design used was non-experimental cross-sectional and the scope descriptive and a causal correlational level. The sample was made up of 25 magistrates from Lima, the technique is the survey and the instrument was the questionnaires. Law 30364 is applied at a regular level according to 47.83%, also in the procedural effect of Law 30364 stands out 56.52% at a regular level and finally in the resolution of conflicts of family violence 52.17% predominates the regular level. Likewise, it was found that the crime of injuries due to family violence according to 52.17% is presented at a medium level, also in terms of its doctrinal aspect according to 47.83% it is handled at a medium level, in the same way in jurisprudence this handling of the crime according to 43.49% is of medium level and finally the legal, according to 65.22% the crime is handled at a medium level. It was evidenced that the incidence of Law 30364 is significant in the crime of injuries due to family violence, but at a moderate to low level.

Pág 1802-1809, 16 Sep