Orlando Huaracha Díaz

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1818-1824

It is evident that there is a progressive concern for poor care of the environment worldwide. Undoubtedly, Peru does not escape this reality. This article involved a quantitative, descriptive and explanatory study, whose objective of this article review was to demonstrate the most outstanding findings on the management of SR and the strategies for improving public management carried out in different departments of Peru, to increase conservation of the environment and therefore a healthy life. Being classified as a bibliographic review because; Inquiries were collected from various sources and databases such as Scopus, Scielo, Proquest, Web of Science, Redalyc, Science direct. Arriving at the conclusions that there is an inadequate work in GRS of municipal competence, little knowledge of management in front of a GRS where the natural resources experience negative impacts, lack of implementation of processes and phases in GRS of municipal competence in Peru, in front of the alarming increase in the production of RS in the last ten years due to a lack of knowledge of GRS determined by an inefficient work of management and separation of RS by local governments and also by overpopulation in many departments of Peru. And therefore evaluations of the approaches applied are required for their reformulation of plans and thus reach the objectives set.

Pág 1818-1824, 16 Sep