Doris Neli Bardales Salazar, Alicia Isabel Robles Cabrera

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1848-1854

The objective of this work was to apply teamwork as a strategy to improve the work environment of the aforementioned workers at the I.E.P Diego Thomson Burnet of Cajamarca. This research has used the pre-experimental research design with “Pre Test and Post Test” in a single group made up of a sample population of 30 people. The type of study corresponds to an applicative-explanatory research, because after diagnosing the situation of the work environment and after applying the “Working as a team” program through two sessions and three workshops, we will explain in detail the results that will validate our hypothesis. . . During the development of the research, survey and observation techniques have been used, each of them with their respective instruments such as questionnaire and observation sheets, which have helped us to demonstrate results. According to the results obtained in the research after the application of the “Working as a Team” program, we can affirm that it responds to the problem posed: “How does teamwork influence the improvement of the work environment of the workers of the Diego Thomson Burnet Educational Institution of Cajamarca”. Using the Sonia Palma Work Environment Scale applied at the end of the program (post test), considering the five factors distributed in the 50 items that the work environment of said scale presents, the “FAVORABLE” category was obtained as a result, which shows a difference significant in the average of the pre-test with the post-test of the experimental group, which indicates that the application of the “Working as a Team” program has significant effects on improving the work environment.

Pág 1848-1854, 21 Sep