Jenny Diaz Grados

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1855-1859

In this article the author describes legal nature of the public budget with its main impact, making a detailed analysis of principle of budget balance and proving how to date the aforementioned principle has been violated in collective bargaining procedures. The research methodology was qualitative in approach, based on a systematic review of scientific literature related to the nature of public budget. The results suggest that, No right is absolute, since in the constitutional methodology the restriction regime is accompanied by the law, under this context, although it is true the State recognizes the right to work and within this the right to collective bargaining. . This has a restriction regime established by law, specifically by the public budget law, since if the budget balance is not respected, the collective bargaining processes would consummate an abusive exercise of the aforementioned rights, agreeing on illegal labor benefits. All actions that involve the use of public funds are subject to the existence of budget approval procedures, since they have an essential and constitutionally protected content.

Pág 1855-1859, 21 Sep