Karina Milagros Ordoñez Ruiz, Luis Alberto Ordóñez Sánchez, Jeiber Díaz Aguilar, Anthony Junior Panta Huamán, Hoyler Fernández Herrera

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1860-1868

The research is descriptive, its objective is to know the actions of the Environmental Prosecutors of Moyobamba, Juanjuí and Yurimaguas. Concerns arise from the devastating effects that this illegal activity has. Gray’s relational analysis was used to establish the actions of each tax office. The variable Effectiveness of the fiscal offices of Moyobamba, Juanjuí and Yurimaguas in the seizure of forest species was taken into account; as well as the traffic of wood and forest species. The volume of timber traffic seized in the three tax offices exceeds 625,134 pt (board feet) so far this year. The screw species is the most affected, occupying the first place. The Yurimaguas prosecutor’s office carried out 80 operations. The Juanjuí prosecutor’s office presents 43 sentences with custodial sentences for trafficking in wood and forest species. There are cases investigated and with effective sentences concluding that “more is better”; on the other hand, the volume of wood seized and the sentences suspended, concludes that “less is better.”

Pág 1860-1868, 21 Sep