Palmira Rosaliz Garcia Garcia, Keller Sánchez Dávila, Gustavo Ramírez García, Alex Córdova Vásquez, Juana Maribel Lavado Enríquez, Luis Alberto Saavedra García, Danny Armas Murrieta, Doris Rojas Calle, Rosa Mabel Contreras Julián

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2243-2261

The objective of this study was to propose a hospital management model that allows contributing to oral health in Hospital 2 – II, Tarapoto 2023. The study was considered under a type of applied research, with a proactive descriptive design; The sample consisted of 15 workers from the administrative (planning, logistics, accounting) and technical areas, along with 300 users attended in a quarter of 2023 at Hospital II-2 Tarapoto. Through the application of the questionnaires, it was obtained as a result that hospital management is perceived on a regular basis, this reality shows that the availability of human resources for oral care still represents a gap between the demand of users for care or consultation and the number of doctors available for oral care, in addition, it was evidenced that preventive, recuperative and specialized dental care was inadequate, which causes their dissatisfaction, added to the absence of a demand for prevention. It was concluded that the proposal of a hospital management model will contribute significantly to oral health in Hospital II-2 in Tarapoto, because it will face a critical situation for different reasons, thus preventing risk factors linked to oral health.

Pág 2243-2261, 03 Oct