Luis Israel Bravo Vilela, Keller Sánchez Dávila

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2118-2144

The objective was to design a municipal management proposal to contribute to the legal physical sanitation of property in the district of Juanjuí, 2023. The approach was quantitative, descriptive-projective design; sample 1 was 34 officials of the municipality of Juanjuí, 2023 and sample 2 195 inhabitants of the district of Juanjuí, 2023; four questionnaires were used, valid in the opinion of 5 experts and with reliability of (0,832), (0,804), (0,805), (0,853); data systematized in EXCEL. Municipal management for civil servants has a good level with 59%, and for residents a bad level with 56%; legal physical sanitation for civil servants, has an average level with 65%, and for residents a low level by 52%. It was concluded with the design of the municipal management proposal that contributes to the legal physical sanitation of the property, which articulates institutional, strategic, operational, administrative and participatory management components; based on local development and elements such as participation, transparency, accountability; which allows improving the processes of legal physical sanitation that take place in the district by increasing regularization, formalization and legal certainty of the property for the benefit of the owners.

Pág 2118-2144, 03 Oct