Wilberth Zans Gil, Carlos Alberto Villafuerte Alvarez, Josué Audias Villegas Cubas, Bernales Guzman Yessenia

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2346-2353

Digital skills represent a cornerstone in the effective management of ICT in education. These skills empower teachers and students to fully harness the potential of technology, personalize learning, promote global collaboration, and develop critical thinking in an increasingly digital world. The research had a quantitative approach, so the information was collected during the months of April – March 2023, to later carry out a statistical analysis and be able to achieve systematized data processing. The sample consisted of 271 students from the first to the fifth year of secondary school in an Educational Institution of XXX. Student responses suggest that ICT is being used effectively by a significant part of teachers to improve teaching and communication with students. Concluding that educational personalization and the development of digital skills in students are closely linked, since they allow the full use of digital tools and the understanding of the integration of artificial intelligence in education.

Pág 2346-2353, 05 Oct