Elein Karen Sosa Dueñas, Carlos Alberto Villafuerte Alvarez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2337-2345

The present study was developed at the I.E. 50499 Justo Barrionuevo Álvarez of the city of Oropesa – Cusco, aimed to determine the relationship between the use of ICT and digital skills, with a sample of 23 primary level teachers and 31 secondary level teachers. Based on a basic, descriptive – relational and non-experimental – cross-sectional study, and through the application of structured questionnaires, it was determined that 59.3% have a medium level of use of information technologies and 100.0% a low level. of digital skills. Concluding that the use of information technologies is related to digital skills in students of the 50499 Justo Barrionuevo Álvarez Educational Institution, Cusco – 2023 (Rho=0.877; p-value=0.000).

Pág 2337-2345, 05 Oct