Elizabeth Alejandra Pantoja Alania, Salomé Montero, Nancy Rosalia, Edson Garay Diaz Edson, Edith M. Maldonado Oré

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2522-2530

This systematic review article is given through various research sources endorsed by reliable search engines such as Google Academic, Scopus, Ebsco Host, considering those referring to the topic that reveals the strategies of the different authors on feedback and critical thinking in the students. The use of strategies, elements that require publications where they show that it favors the use of methodologies and the results that they focus on revealing the characteristics of the variable that they play. The results and methodologies have a qualitative and quantitative approach, within an essential modality where it strengthens studies and analysis from the inductive and deductive aspect and for the development of critical thinking, analytical and synthetic methods were also used as an essential foundation in the research and whose results help teachers understand that development of feedback must be viable from moment you interact with your students and must offer all the elements that lead to improving cognitive processes. It is important that the feedback effect on student learning allows the development of critical thinking, so teachers must apply, according to students’ abilities, to prepare various forms of methodologies that lead to improving learning.

Pág 2522-2530, 24 Oct