Jessica Paola Yamunaqué Gonzáles

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2517-2521

This article examines the psychosocial factors that influence aggressors to commit the crime of feminicide, from a psychological, social and cultural perspective. This article uses a systematic review type qualitative approach methodology, in which articles are analyzed regarding the different factors that influence a person to commit the most serious aggression, the death of a woman, considering the scientific evidence found in the data platform, with the selection of ten articles in the Scopus, Mendeley and Google academic search engines, a free access database that is five years old and in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Ten review articles related to the topic of study were chosen as search results. Finally, it was concluded that there are multiple causes that motivate the aggressor to commit the crime of feminicide, ranging from childhood, psychological to cultural.

Pág 2517-2521, 24 Oct