Gustavo A. Ventura Seclén, María A. Castro Navarro, David R. Castro Navarro, Rocio D. Yarlaque Muñoz, Neider M. Diaz Fernandez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2627-2630

Political disaffection is one of the most relevant problems within the governmental level, since it causes that different citizens do not exercise due control in the administrative management of a governmental entity, whether at the international, national or local level. In this regard, the main objective of the research was to generate a scientific literature review published in the years 2019-2023 on political disaffection in administrative management. The methodology used was the systematic review associated with the variable political disaffection in the Scopus, Google Scholar and Scielo databases. In the main search, 34615 scientific articles were found, of which 17645 were included, which analyzed the variable political disaffection in the title or abstract, all of them passing inclusion and exclusion filters, of which only 12 scientific studies were taken into account. It could be inferred that most of the studies were published in Google Scholar and Scopus. The findings show that the concept of political disaffection is under constant debate, since it is associated with the person’s own emotions with respect to the functioning of politics, and it is also evident in democratic systems that often have a crisis of social representation or poor relationship with the community.

Pág 2627-2630, 30 Oct