Carmen Andrea Castro Valle, Teresita del Rosario Merino Salazar, María Ricardina Alcalde Mosqueira, Miguel Atanacio Benites Benites

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2715-2722

This review article makes an analysis of Transformational Leadership as a success strategy, for which thirty articles published in various scientific journals were reviewed, the databases used were Scopus Dialnet, Schola Redalyc and Scielo. The systematic scientific review of the literature was used, which was developed in three moments: selection, review and systematization, among the inclusion criteria we have research that has been published in the last five years and is supported by prestigious institutions or universities, among those excluded, all work that does not contain the variables or that does not come from reliable sources or that is undergraduate or Master’s degree work was demarcated. The most solid articles that respond to our outlined objectives were selected, which served as inputs to elaborate our results and finally the conclusions; letting us know that it is currently important and necessary to take into account transformational leadership as a successful strategy that leads to good institutional progress, the promotion of learning improvement and educational quality. Managers who are transformational leaders must rise to the task and have full command and transform the educational organization into a warm and welcoming environment where it reflects the good institutional climate and a healthy and harmonious coexistence.

Pág 2715-2722, 11 Nov