Carlos Alberto Flores Minchón, José Jorge Rodríguez Figueroa, Melvin Grimaldo Rodríguez Minchola, Ricardo Raúl Pacheco Vargas, Jannie Merino Alegría

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2788-2794

The mandatory or voluntary nature of Social Responsibility in public administration is a relevant topic for academics and managers, as a contribution to the new public management. The position for voluntariness is due to the broad coincidence that social responsibility goes beyond legal requirements. However, there are experiences in some European countries – Spain and Sweden – that urge their public administrations to apply exemplary social responsibility criteria to themselves through the publication of sustainability reports. Bibliographic information from recent years was examined in relation to the concept of social responsibility, and how this practice is related, within public administration in order to understand what is the most appropriate way to apply it within public administration. The two opposing proposals that support both approaches are discussed: the voluntary one and the other by legal mandate.

Pág 2788-2794, 15 Nov