Mendoza Obando Fiorella

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2736-2742

Violence against women is an arduous psychosocial problem, understood as any action based on force, damage, which can cause death, physical, moral, psychological suffering to a person. The objective of this work is to systematically examine and analyze the preventive strategies associated with gender coercion. That is why we are interested in taking deliberate steps that allow us to analyze prevention guidelines to eradicate gender violence, so essential for our society. The systematics is based on the exploration of different accredited scientific journals as well as documents that support us to analyze the subject to be treated. The descriptive-informative technique was used. For the collection of information, the following reference foundations were manipulated: scielo, scopus, ebsco host. gender coercion is considered a serious problem at the international level due to the psychological, physical, economic, moral, etc. Faced with this problem, the access of public measures from the enunciation of the determination to the retribution of processes; for prevention in the strategies to prevent coercion of gender and/or family group, thus contributing to the achievement of the objective of the public policies of the Peruvian state that seeks to eradicate gender violence. Despite the application of these preventive guidelines to eradicate this problem, there are very alarming statistical reports that show us that care protocols and preventive guidelines are not guaranteeing to our population that any member of the family group can live freely without violence.

Pág 2736-2742, 15 Nov