Carmen Marina Quezada Vidal, José Jorge Rodríguez Figueroa, José Luis Bobadilla Quinteros, Jorge Luis Seminario Carbonel, Anthony Gensollen Queens

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2849-2859

The article deals with the development of competency-based personnel selection processes in Ibero-American public institutions. Various investigations were analyzed with the objective of explaining the importance and scope of competency-based personnel selection processes (PSPBC) as well as their fundamental stages, in Ibero-American public institutions, all oriented towards the search for the ideal candidate profile. of the public servant. A basic study methodology was used, with a qualitative approach, based on a systematic review of articles (from various Spanish-speaking countries). The findings demonstrate the need to prioritize the personnel selection process (PSP) in Ibero-American public institutions (IPI) based on competencies. Forms and characteristics of its application in public administration in Spanish-speaking countries are discussed, in addition to revaluing social skills in general in the different competencies, stages and/or steps. Finally, valuable contributions were provided to implement the IPI selection processes not only as an isolated procedure, but as part of the institutional objectives. In short, any personnel selection process must focus on certain competencies and skills for efficient job performance in the public sector.

Pág 2849-2859, 21 Nov