Freddy Florian Castillo Chinchay, Gerardo Francisco Ludeña González, Nilton Isaías Cueva Quezada

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2892-2898

The objective of the research was to systematically analyze the best scientific evidence available on the incorporation of a lawyer in the criminal process, to protect the rights of injured persons in Peru, in the databases of the following search line: Scopus, Scielo, Redalyc, Dialnet and Google Scholar. In Spanish and for the last 5 years. The research and review of scientific production was used as a methodology, filtering terms: “Defense lawyers”, “Lawyers in criminal proceedings”, “Rights of the injured”, “Fundamental rights” and “Criminal procedure in Peru”, omitting articles that are not in Spanish, that were published in 2016 or before and are not available for free download. From the analysis and discussion of each article, the importance of the incorporation of lawyers in criminal process was emphasized, for the protection of the rights of the injured in Peru and the management of the procedural development in Peru in defense of the aggrieved. and continuous legal information on development of due process in interest of aggrieved party.

Pág 2892-2898, 25 Nov